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Monday, September 26, 2016

AXA Hearts in Action Run 2016 - Top 15 Results

Date: 25 Sept 2016
Distance: 6km and 12km

Total 7000+ runners participated in this charity event. The objective of the event is to create awareness in:

This running event is sponsored by AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad in partnership with WWF-Malaysia. Total RM110,000 has channeled to support WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts.

More photos here
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ipoh Style Run 2016

Date: 18 Dec 2016
Venue: Stadium Indra Mulia Ipoh Perak
Time: 6:30am
Distance: 5km and 10km
Registration fees: Fun Run - RM45, Junior - RM35, 10km - RM60
Medal: Finisher medal
Cash prize: Top 10 winners
Trophy: Top 5 winners
Contact: 011-36274114
Closing date: 30 Nov 2016
Manual registration: MBB 157063 999173 (Loh Wan Pin)
Details here

Friday, September 23, 2016



Herzogenaurach, Germany (19th September, 2016) – Global Sports Brand PUMA launches their women’s campaign ‘DO YOU’ which aims to inspire confidence in women everywhere. As part of this campaign, PUMA announces they will be working with international model, actress, and activist Cara Delevingne. She joins PUMA’s growing list of influential female ambassadors including Rihanna, who served as the campaign’s Creative Director. 
“To ‘DO YOU’ is to take ownership of yourself and finding the power within that ownership — it's a very powerful statement,” says Cara. “It's about accepting who you are, no matter your faults.  ‘DO YOU’ is about finding your truth and sticking to it. I think it's so special because it means something different for everyone. It specifically encourages people to be themselves.”

Cara embodies the PUMA Woman. She is fearless, always finding new ways to express herself and use her body as a catalyst for conversation. Her unapologetic attitude and inspiring defiance of the status quo will set the tone for this campaign. She leads the pack of strong women appearing in this campaign, including Mimi Staker and Olivia Boisson of the New York City Ballet, German track and field athletes Alexandra Wester and Tatjana Pinto, and Cuban volleyball players Leila Consuelo Ortega Martinez and Lianma Flores Stable.

The campaign was inspired by Rihanna who once said “I dare myself to make things work. I don’t do things for the response or controversy. I just live my life.” The campaign inspires women to stay true to themselves, make their own rules, and never take ‘no’ for an answer. It creates a conversation that encourages women to be confident, motivated, and never willing to compromise on anything from their personal style to their workouts to their life. Given Rihanna’s own belief on this message, it made perfect sense to bring her on board with PUMA to creative direct the campaign featuring Cara.

The ‘DO YOU’ campaign launches this month with a cross-category product assortment dropping through December from PUMA’s Running & Training and Sportstyle collections. Cara will be featured in outdoor advertising, PUMA stores and retailers, and Follow @PUMAWomen and @PUMA for the latest on the campaign.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Compressport Run 2016 - Winners Photo

Date: 18 Sept 2016
Distance: 10km and 21km

Check result here

Monday, September 19, 2016

Crystal Challenge 2016 - Winners Photo

   Date: 18 Sept 2016
Distance: 15.8km and 7km

Winners photo courtesy by Kenny Wong and Tan Wah Sing, thanks
🏃🏻Category A ( Men Open 15.8km)
1. Darren Looi 1:02:37
2. Muhammad Asdi Bin Weding 1:03:18
3. Ng Guo Shen 1:04:20
4. Reza 1:05:35
5. Kenny Wong Kok Wai 1:07:48
6. Tan Chong Zun 1:08:00
7. Lim Tien Hou 1:11:00
8. Eugene Chan 1:11:46
9. Wong Kok Lim 1:14:33
10. Yaniman Yamat 1:15:18
🏃🏻Category B ( Men Junior Veteran 15.8km)
1. Casey Lim 1:01:53
2. Ronnie See 1:06:56
3. Koh Sen Chun 1:07:24
4. Khoo Hua Seng 1:07:57
5. Philip Puaa 1:08:42
6. Michael Chong 1:09:50
7. Naresh Kumar 1:09:58
8. Ng Say Heong 1:12:32
9. Ling King Keong 1:14:53
10. Yong Joo Keong 1:16:24
🏃🏻Category C ( Men Senior Veteran 15.8km)
1. Lim Kiat Huat 1:09:42
2. Tang Chee Choon 1:10:26
3. Tan Wah Sing 1:11:43
4. Liew Ching Lock 1:12:00
5. Won Khim Ching 1:17:14
6. Teh Lian Huat 1:17:26
7. Ching Wooi Lin 1:18:55
8. Lee Hui Seng 1:19:48
9. Wu Jong Kwong 1:20:30
10. Lee Chin Keong 1:22:11
🏃🏻Category D (Women Open 15.8km)
1. Ngu Wee Jyeh 1:22:10
2. Sim Looi Vooi 1:28:09
3. Shirley Koh Pui Ling 1:30:50
4. Tee Pei Ling 1:39:34
5. Wong Pui Pui 1:40:08
6. Ong Su Kee 1:40:30
7. Pang Sock Cheng 1:40:46
8. Lim Sok Fen 1:40:47
9. Soo Bee Yeang 1:43:37
10. Teh Chui Mui 1:44:06
🏃🏻Category E (Women Veteran 15.8km)
1. Wong Poh Ny 1:26:22
2. Fanny Tian Huey Ni 1:26:29
3. Li Na 1:29:40
4. Joon Fong Keng 1:30:30
5. Law Su Hwa 1:33:33
6. Norazlina Othman 1:35:50
7. Wong Yoke Yen 1:37:00
8. Khoo Mary 1:37:18
9. Ting Kuei Yung 1:38:17
10. Tan Swee Fang 1:39:04
🏃🏻Category F (Men Open 7km)
1. Jasni Khairil 26:43
2. Goh Jing Jing 27:30
3. Goh Shu Wei 27:40
4. Chris Chan Wai Yee 28:05
5. Soong Khai Chung 28:14
6. Toh Wai Kuen 28:30
7. Shannon Emmanuel 29:05
8. Ken Lau Wai Leong 29:20
9. Kristian Tung 30:30
10. Tee Chuan Chai 30:55
🏃🏻Category G (Women Open 7km)
1. Mary Wong 36:06
2. Cheam Siew Cheng 36:28
3. Alexis Phang 37:56
4. Lee Siew Shien 39:55
5. Teh Jo Yinn 40:22
6. Angel Tan Yen En 41:25
7. Hannah Kamaruzaman 41:50
8. Nicole Tan Chwee Ying 44:37
9. Angelina Soo 44:48
10. Jennie Er Siew Wei 45:06
Top 10 results courtesy by Pacemakers, thanks.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Oren Sport Run 2016

Date: 16 Sep 2016
Distance: 5km, 10km and 21km

This year's Oren Sport Run has a new exciting route.  From the start line at the Sport Complex Pandamaran Klang runners will run along only the Pandamaran highway, with the 21km runners to complete 2 loops. And even better, the highway will be completely closed from traffic.  About 6000 runners participated in this event, with most of the crowds running the 5km and 10 km distance.

We were told that the route is straight and flat and form a pretty much a huge open area, (almost 5-6 excluding the lanes on the inner roads on both sides.

However, the real highlight this year was the weather.   Approximately 10-15 minutes after the gun off, came heavy rain and strong winds.  Combined with empty open highway, running under the heavy rain was truly a unique experience.

But after running about 11km, one of the road marshal signaled us that the race will be cancelled and we were told to stop at first loop and return to the starting line.  I think this decision is wise because we can see the heavy rain in not stopping and thunders are getting louder with lighting, and the organizer had no choice to ensure the safety of the runners, volunteers and marshals.

Quite a number 21km runners managed to completed 13km before turning back to the event venue. Although the rain was too heavy to stop for water, it was noticeable fact that there are plenty of water stations (saw all of them took shelter standing up on the seat at various bus stations along the route)

At the finish line, all runners collected  their medal, goodies bag and waited for their lucky draw prize despite the cancellation of the running.  As this is charity event, the organization has channel RM22000 fund collected and donated to 11 charity organizations.

More photos here
Oren Sport FB here

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pesta Konvo UPM Fun Run 2016

Date: 23 Oct 2016
Time: 7:30am
Venue: Tapak Pesta Konvo UPM KL
Distance: 5km
Registration fees: RM50
Cash prize: Top 3 winners
Trophy: Top 5 winners
Contact: 019-6140275
Closing date: 
Details here

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